On the Job

feature film | Year: 2013


Directed by: Erik Matti

Rating: Unrated | Length: 1 hr. 56 min.

When a prominent drug dealer is murdered, Sergeant Acosta (Joey Marquez) takes the lead on the investigation. The trail of the two criminals who committed the murder—Tatang (Joel Torre) and Daniel (Gerald Anderson)—goes cold almost immediately. As it turns out, Tatang and Daniel were shuttled straight back to prison; the last place the police think to look.

Federal agent Francis’ (Piolo Pascual) controlling father-in-law and Congressman Manrique (Michael De Mesa) calls him in to oversee the case on the orders of General Pacheco (Leo Martinez). Not able to trust his superiors, Acosta continues to stay involved and starts to show Francis just how immoral his superiors are. Caught in a web of deceit and corruption, Acosta and Francis are on a collision course with the government officials who will do anything to silence them.

In Filipino with English Subtitles.