Late Fee Policy

DVD Late Return Fee Policy

Many of the big video rental chains offer no late fees on their DVD rentals. Some of these companies require you to pay a flat fee for this service and others have complicated hidden costs.

At Turning the Tide we have tried to keep things simple and strike a balance between keeping our late fees reasonable and asking making sure customers return our videos so that other people can enjoy them. Here is the resulting table of late fees. We hope that you will agree that it is a fair system!

New Releases (2-day rentals)
3.69 titles: 75 cents/day overdue
4.69 titles: 1.00/day overdue
5.69 titles: 1.25/day overdue

Regular Titles (7-day rentals)
3.69 titles: 50 cents/day overdue
4.69 titles: 65 cents/day overdue
5.69 titles: 75 cents/day overdue