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Book Launch Event: Watching Wildlife in Prince Albert National Park

Book launch
7:30 PM, November 9, 2016
Turning the Tide, 615 Main Street, Saskatoon/Treaty 6 Territory

What animals do you usually see in Prince Albert National Park? Deer, Elk, Red Fox, Loon, Beaver, Red Squirrel, maybe a black bear if you are lucky. David Henry’s new book, Watching Wildlife in Prince Albert National Park, opens up the world of each of these animals for your understanding and enjoyment. Among the topics explored:

  • Do Whitetail Deer practice child abandonment?
  • Who really calls the shots in a harem of Elk?
  • Why do male Loons desert their families in September?
  • What’s so unique about Red Squirrel moms?
  • How have Red Foxes evolved to be better mousetraps?
  • How did Plains Bison find their way back to Prince Albert National Park?

David Henry’s book is a field guide advising where in the park you should look for these animals. It gives space for your field notes. However, mostly the book is an enjoyable read sharing insights that will increase your pleasure of watching and photographing these animals.

Join David at 7:30p.m. on November 9th for a wildlife slide show and a signing of his book.

About the author

David Henry has been periodically studying animals in Prince Albert National Park for the past 40 years.  This has resulted in five highly acclaimed books.  Jane Goodall describes his book, Red Fox: The Catlike Canine, as “a small masterpiece of patience and dedication,”

Based on his book, Canada’s Boreal Forest, David was scientific advisor to the BBC for their documentary on our northern forest.

David is also involved in many environmental issues and has recently been awarded the J.B Harkin Medal for Conservation by CPAWS, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

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